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Photo credit: Rose Peck

Photo credit: Rose Peck

In 2014, I took a yoga teacher training (download my yoga resume) that transformed my perspective on the world and how I move through it. As I began teaching yoga and meditation, I wanted to carry the experience with me, watch it unfold, and share it with others. So I started a newsletter, Om Weekly. Through it, I share reflections, practical advice, personal essays and musical inspirations to an audience that’s now grown to 2,100 people completely organically.

You can also enjoy Kelly’s yoga playlist (updated bi-weekly) on Spotify.

Some recent favorite issues:

What people say about Om Weekly:

“I love opening Kelly’s newsletter – it feels like a happy and thoughtful reminder, a chance to reflect on philosophical ideas within the context of the everyday. The themes are accessible and relevant, and also just really fun to read about and think on. Like homework that isn’t hard or a letter from a friend that makes you feel GOOD.” - Meg, Adelaide, South Australia

“Sometimes I feel like you are speaking directly to me through your newsletters. This one in particular gave me such peace in a time that I desperately need it. Thank you.” - Holly W.

Yoga Instruction Testimonials:

“I was so new to yoga when I went to my first class with Kelly Barrett that she had to teach me the difference between a Warrior 1 and a Warrior 2. After six months of taking her classes, I'd fallen so in love with yoga that I booked a trip abroad for a week-long retreat. Two years later, I still find Kelly's classes a both calming and challenging. I'm a devoted student.” - Laura M., Washington, D.C.

“Kelly has a persona that can span several class types. From Level 1 to Level 3, Kelly’s cues and sequences are often conveyed in a gentle manner, however, I have often found those poses to be quite challenging at times. This not not only speaks a Kelly as a person, but reaffirms the principle of stoicism throughout each class. Something to take with you throughout each day. Kelly’s adjustments also enhance the class experience, speaking to her innate ability to bring out the best in her students. Couldn’t recommend her more to any student looking to grow both as a student and a person.” - Joshua M., Washington, D.C.